Regulamin / Terms and conditions

Event participation – terms and conditions:


· Event is accessible for ticket holders only. You must bring your ticket with you to be granted entry.


· Admission restrictions – Event Organiser and venue management reserve the right to refuse admission or to eject delegates in circumstances deemed reasonable (for example, due to concerns regarding health and safety or security), and may on occasion conduct security searches to ensure the safety of delegates. Delegates may also be refused entry or ejected from the venue on account of exhibiting anti-social behaviour, signs of intoxication or declining to be searched. No refunds will be offered to delegates who are refused entry or who are ejected in these circumstances.


· Specific restrictions – bringing alcohol and drugs to the event is prohibited.


· Specific restrictions – bringing pets / dogs need to be on lead all the times.


· Safeguarding children – parents / carers are fully responsible for children during the event. Please ensure that your children adhere to the event protocols at all times.


· Limitations of Liability – Event Organiser takes all reasonable steps to ensure health and safety of all participants and to deliver a safe event. The Organiser does not accept responsibility for any accident, injury, or loss suffered while attending an event, unless it is directly due to negligence by the Organiser. Neither the Organiser nor the venue operator will be responsible for loss, damage, death or injury incurred, unless the relevant party has breached its legal obligations and such loss or damage is a direct or reasonable foreseeable result of the breach.


· Cancellations – the Organiser reserves the right to amend or cancel any event. This includes changes to dates, times, content and format of the event. In the unlikely occurrence that the Organiser cancels an event, participant may be offered to attend an alternative event held by the Organiser, at no additional cost, subject to availability. Alternatively, the Organiser will return any payments received in advance. The Organiser will not, however, refund any other costs incurred as a result of this cancellation.

• Refund – Refunds for tickets can be requested up to 14 days before the planned date of the event.

· Force Majeure – Event Organiser will not be held liable for delay in delivery, or failure to deliver due to any cause outside of the Organiser’s reasonable control (for example adverse weather, state of emergency, pandemic, national disaster, strikes, etc). In the instance of Force Majeure, delay or failure to deliver will not constitute a breach of contract and the timeframe for delivery by the Organiser will be extended by a reasonable period.


· By purchasing ticket(s) you agree to the above terms and conditions.